Day 1

Jan 15, 2019 at 2am we were told our sweet 2 month old Milo has leukemia. The word is still so hard for me to type and even harder for me to say. It’s very rare, only 35-50 US infants get it per year. We have a very long road ahead of us starting with him getting a port, a spinal tap, a bone marrow biopsy, and starting chemotherapy tomorrow. My whole world has been turned upside down in a matter of days. Please pray for our strong boy that his fragile body will be able to withstand the chemo and all of the nasty side effects that come with it. The chemo treatment alone is a 2 year process. The last 24 hours I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. But it’s a new day. If we can get through last night we can get through the next couple years. There will be many ups and downs, but we have hope and faith that the Lord will carry our sweet boy and our family through this devastating time. Thank you for all your prayers and sweet words.

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